About the Founder

I am Georgette, owner and founder of DayzAfter.  I hold an Associates of Arts and science in Health Information Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and currently working on a Master’s of Science in Social Work for 2016.   I am married and have a very unique blended family.     

As a child growing up on the beautiful scenic island of Dominica in the Caribbean, I have always had the desire to help women and children. One of those ways would be through Foster/adoption, and the other is through motivational speaking to women who have suffered pain/loss as a result of Domestic violence.  When I married my husband in 2009, we both decided to enter into foster care.  Over a period two and a half years we had fostered over sixteen children, both young and old.  When we met Saria she was only three days old, she wasn't with us long, when her sister Angel was born and joined her in our home.  These girls brought so much joy to our family.  Even though Angel was a premature baby that came with her own set of complications, we knew that we wanted to provide and safe and secure environment for them.  After Saria turned a year, we started the process to adopt those girls with the help of the state. 
My husband and I loved those girls very much and wanted to provide for them a safe and stable forever home, until the dreadful day they were taken away and placed back into the state's care.   I am very familiar with the pain and grief that comes as a result of loosing your child to Child Protection Services. 

The fight for the girls took over two years but to no avail.  When the fight seemed like it was never ending, my family and I decided it was time to give the girls some peace and stability and so we agreed to end the struggle to prevent the girls from being moved around so much. We all know too well, the effects of multiple placements on the mental stability of our children. 
That decision was not easy for the family, but we felt that it was necessary.  On that day, I felt like my whole world had been shattered, I was grieving. Grieving for children, though not mine biologically but for all intent purposes where mine.  From this experience I learned some things that forever changed my life and gave me the drive and passion I have today.  I saw firsthand how the high turnover rate of Social workers, created a barrier for follow up care.  How people don't seem to care past the point of doing THE job.  

There are many organizations and agencies out here that are geared towards safety and care of our children, but what about our parents?  Who takes care of them? Who supports them? Who provides them a listening ear? Who advocates for them? At that point I realized that I needed to be the avenue that parents turn to for their support, for their motivation, their inspiration while facing one of the toughest struggles in life, fighting to regain custody of the most precious commodities: OUR CHILDREN. 

Our goal at DayzAfter is to teach preventative measures to parents. Our hope is,  with those tools and principles, parents will make more informed decisions to keep their children safe at home.  

At DayzAfter the goal is to reach as many families as possible.  We want to speak to those that are hurting, suffered emotional and mental loss and have a desire to live differently. We want to be a support system for women that want to fight to regain custody of their children. Women that need a support system while going through depression, we provide you with therapeutic tools that can help you while you find your way back.  Women that are truly grieving the loss of their children, I want to go through it with you.

I didn’t have that support, but I knew I needed it. I want to do the research to put you in touch with resources and services that are available in your community. 

Allow DayzAfter to help you get to YOUR Dayzafter.