Our Program:  What we do!

DayzAfter trains and support families in the use of their voice to share their testimonies of pain, grief and Testimonies recovery after losing their children to the Foster Care System.

Our main goal is to provide parents with the support that they need while trying to regain custody and also to be a mentor and strong support while grieving the loss of their children.

Through our Parent Assistance Programs and Services (P.A.P.S) we support you.  We help you research resources/services in your community such as affordable housing, State benefits that you may qualify for, we assist with preparing you for job interview by teaching you some helpful tips on what the interview process is like.  We also help with resume building.

Through P.A.P.S, we provide a comprehensive support group that offers parents an opportunity to build better relationships, share feelings, reduce shame, resolve painful feelings, reach out to peers, make lifelong friends, get to know the dynamics of your family, discover you are not alone, and  learning listening and communication skills etc. 

We will also be offering, parenting and anger management classes soon. 

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