DayzAfter is a "Faith Based" Organization that stands on the Inspirational verse:

“I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. . ."                                                                                    ~Phil 4:13

The founder’s motivation for creating this organization, comes from the realization, that many parents are suffering or have suffered a mental disturbance as a result of having their children removed from the home.  Research shows that women who have a mental illness are more likely than any other to have their children placed in care.  At DayzAfter she wants to show, that even with a mental illness most parents are still capable of safely taking care of their children. She wants to offer women a platform to share their hurts, hangups and testimony of Recovery.   

Through her own personal struggle of loosing two foster children back to the system, she learned some tools and interventions that helped her with the grieving process. she hopes that through sharing, she can encourage and motivate other families going through the same Struggle. 

DayzAfter would like to share with you personal testimonies of individuals who have walked that path and are much stronger than they were before.  We would also like to develop with you some therapeutic tools that you can use if you have suffered or are suffering from depression, anxiety, fear and stigmatization as a result of having your children taken into the state’s care.

She now knows clearly that even when we feel helpless there is help out there. 

We may have different stories, but one common bond.   

Who We Are?